7 Features To Consider When Purchasing New Windows

When my husband and I purchased our first home, the process was stressful, but we settled on one we liked enough to live in temporarily until we expanded our family. When moving time arrived, we both dreaded the expected stress. We ended up using a different real estate agent than we did the first time, and we made a great decision, because she had a lot of home remodeling knowledge! We were adamant on finally finding our "perfect" home this time. When she showed us homes that lacked features we desired that we would have "nixed" before, she let us know if the feature could be added, and usually it could! We are now in our new home that we had a few small renovations performed on after we bought it, and we love it! I want to help others by sharing some remodeling tips I learned on a blog!

7 Features To Consider When Purchasing New Windows

20 January 2015
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Purchasing new windows for your home can often be an overwhelming experience, as you are presented with information about windows that you have never heard of before. In order to simplify the decision making process, make sure to purchase a window that has these features.

1. Energy Star Certified

The EPA's Energy Start rating is only given to a window if it meets their high standards for energy efficiency. If the window you want has an Energy Star certification, you know it will do a great job at keeping your home well insulated.

2. Warm Edge Spacers

Windows can use a frame that is made out of either warm materials or cold aluminum. Warm materials do a better job at reducing heat loss, which will entail a warmer house and higher energy savings.

3. Tilt In Capabilities

A must have feature of any double hung window is the ability to tilt inside the home for easy cleaning. This will make cleaning the windows much easier for you, and eliminate the need to hire professional window cleaners.

4. Window Customization

One of the best ways to add character to your home is to customize your windows. Some windows only come in stock configurations, so what you see is what you get. Check to see if you can customize features such as adding a grid to the glass which will make your plain windows look drastically different.

5. Glass Thickness

Pay close attention to how thick the glass is in the window. The thicker the glass is, the more noise reduction you are going to have. This is crucial if you live on a busy street that has a lot of traffic.

A glass thickness of 1/4" thick is going to provide great noise reduction, while a 3/64" pane of glass is going to be very poor and let a lot of noise through.

6. Window Hardware

The hardware your windows come with should be just as good as the window itself. Good window hardware will be low profile, constructed with quality materials, and aesthetically pleasing.

7. Window Glazing

Adding a protective film or window glazing can do a great job at keeping UV rays out of your home. It will prevent your carpet and furniture from fading, and help cut down on your cooling bills in the summer.

By being aware of these key features of your new windows, you will be able to make an informed decision about your big purchase.