Saving Money On Your Bathroom Makeover

When my husband and I purchased our first home, the process was stressful, but we settled on one we liked enough to live in temporarily until we expanded our family. When moving time arrived, we both dreaded the expected stress. We ended up using a different real estate agent than we did the first time, and we made a great decision, because she had a lot of home remodeling knowledge! We were adamant on finally finding our "perfect" home this time. When she showed us homes that lacked features we desired that we would have "nixed" before, she let us know if the feature could be added, and usually it could! We are now in our new home that we had a few small renovations performed on after we bought it, and we love it! I want to help others by sharing some remodeling tips I learned on a blog!

Saving Money On Your Bathroom Makeover

19 February 2015
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If it's time to think about remodeling your bathroom, one of the first things to consider is how much it's going to cost. Even if you decide to do most of the work yourself, it can still put a dent in your budget. Because there are endless options for do-it-yourself projects, you can easily get the look you want and still save hundreds of dollars in the process. While you may need to hire a remodeling contractor to do some of the major electrical or structural work, you can still save money by completing some of the things yourself.

Here are some ways to achieve the look you want but still stay within your budget.

Bathtub Refinishing

One of the biggest expenses of redoing your bathroom is replacing the bathtub or shower. An alternative to a costly replacement involves refinishing your bathtub. This is a process in which you sand the existing surface of the bathtub and then apply an epoxy-based paint with a brush and roller. After applying two to three coats, the finish is restored to a new-like shine. Some products allow you to apply directly to ceramic tile. This allows you to add a fresh appearance to the dull tile around the bathtub. By refinishing these areas you can save hundreds of dollars by not having to replace the entire unit along with installing new plumbing.

Cheap Sink Re-do

Another major eyesore in an old bathroom is the vanity. If you can't afford to replace the vanity, including the sink, there are some cheaper ways to upgrade. You can turn outdated oak or cherry cabinets into a more modern look by painting them. Using a light colored paint in a semi-gloss finish, you can achieve a neutral appearance for less than $25.00. Update just the faucet to painted black or brushed nickel to give the entire vanity a new look for less than a total replacement.


Getting rid of the old color and decor of your bathroom can really make a huge difference in its overall appearance. Painting the walls a new and updated color helps refresh a stale bathroom. Choose a color hue that matches your flooring or complements it. Trending color combinations include grays with whites, oranges with reds and pastels in coordinating shades.

Attention To Details

Adding accents to your new bathroom doesn't have to break the budget. Search for home decor items that are on sale, including wall art and bathroom accessories. Instead of buying all new towels for your bathroom which can be very expensive, buy one nice towel for display purposes only. Look for sale items including new rugs and a shower curtain. Keep in mind that they don't have to match and don't be afraid to explore different patterns and color combinations. Make your existing baseboards pop by adding an inexpensive quarter round trim at the top and bottom of the boards. This gives it the appearance of an expensive piece of trim when in fact it only costs a few dollars a foot. 

There are many ways to keep the budget minimal redoing your bathroom. Doing many projects yourself may take a little bit more time but will save you a lot more money in the long run. For more information, check out companies such as Tub Solutions Inc.