Air Compressors And Home Improvement Projects

When my husband and I purchased our first home, the process was stressful, but we settled on one we liked enough to live in temporarily until we expanded our family. When moving time arrived, we both dreaded the expected stress. We ended up using a different real estate agent than we did the first time, and we made a great decision, because she had a lot of home remodeling knowledge! We were adamant on finally finding our "perfect" home this time. When she showed us homes that lacked features we desired that we would have "nixed" before, she let us know if the feature could be added, and usually it could! We are now in our new home that we had a few small renovations performed on after we bought it, and we love it! I want to help others by sharing some remodeling tips I learned on a blog!

Air Compressors And Home Improvement Projects

26 February 2015
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Home improvement projects and renovations can be expensive and time consuming. This is especially true when the cost of tools, which can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars, is considered. There are a few ways to save money on the tools needed for home improvements. Renting tools and borrowing tools are two common options. Another option is to buy tools that can be used in multiple ways.

One great multipurpose tool is an air compressor. Air compressors are not just for inflating tires and balls, they are also useful for a variety of home improvement projects. Here are some projects where an air compressor comes in handy. 

Powering Air Tools

One of the most common uses for air compressors is to power air tools. Air compressors can help power tools such as nail guns, staple guns, impact wrenches, rotary tools, and much more. The ability of an air compressor to work with so many different tools makes it very useful for any homeowner doing renovation work. Power tools that are powered by an air compressor usually have requirements for air volume and pressure. For any homeowner considering purchasing an air compressor, it is important to make sure that the one they purchase can work with all of the tools they already own.


Just one coat of paint can greatly change the look of a room or the outside of a home. This is why painting is a big part of many renovation and home improvement projects. While painting does have big pay off aesthetically, it can also be time consuming. Painting with just brushes and rollers can take days and, in some cases, even weeks to finish. This is where an air compressor comes in handy. You can connect spray guns via an air hose to an air compressor for painting. Not only is this a faster method of painting, it also eliminates roller marks.


Cleaning is necessary during any home improvement or renovation project. Keeping things clean can be even easier with an air compressor. You can use an air gun along with the air compressor to clean hard to reach places. This is useful for thing such as wood working projects since it makes cleaning up wood shavings and dust much easier. You can also use an air compressor as you would a pressure washer, which makes cleaning up the exterior of a home an easier task.

Air compressors are a very useful tool to have around the home. Their multiple uses make them great to have on hand during any home improvement or renovation project. If you need air compressor repair in Ontario, CA, call Air Chief Inc.