Can You Use A CFL Bulb For The Garage Door Opener?

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Can You Use A CFL Bulb For The Garage Door Opener?

1 June 2015
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In a push to become more energy efficient, many homeowners are looking for ways to cut down on the resources they use. One method that some homeowners are using is to replace the regular incandescent bulb in their garage door openers with a compact fluorescent light bulb. Whether or not you can do this and save depends on several factors.

Why Should You Use CFLs?

Compact fluorescent lights, or CFLs, are energy efficient bulbs that consume far less energy than the normal incandescent lights that are more commonly used. As a result, energy costs can be decreased when used consistently over time. The bulbs also last longer, which means that you save on the cost of constantly replacing your light bulbs.

If the bulb in garage door opener seems to burn out quickly, switching to a CFL bulb might seem like the perfect solution. However, there is a downside to using CFLs for openers that could take away from any benefit you might get from using them.

Why Should You Not Use CFLs?

One of the biggest reasons you should not use a CFL bulb in your garage door opener is that it can sometimes interfere with the garage door remote and the radio receiver. Both of these usually rely on infrared light to transmit signals that are used to control the opening and closing of your garage door. When the CFL is used, it emits a different type of wave that can interfere with the infrared light. This can result in your garage door malfunctioning.

Whether or not there is interference and the amount of it, depends largely on several factors, including the placement of the opener and the outlets into which the outlets are plugged.

How Can You Safely Use CFLs?

If you want to use a CFL bulb for your opener, check the manufacturer's label for the opener. Some newer model openers have been redesigned to address the problem of interference from the CFLs. These specially designed garage door openers also have other features, such as consuming even more power while in standby mode. As a result, your energy bills could be lower.

If you have an older model, talk to your garage door pro about replacing the opener with one that is equipped to handle the waves from a CFL bulb.

Talk to your garage door professional about other methods you can use to make your door more energy efficient. Taking small steps, such as using a CFL bulb, can pay off big for you and the environment in the long run. For more information, contact Crawford Door Company or a similar organization.