3 Tips To Prevent Your Shower Drain From Getting Clogged With Hair

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3 Tips To Prevent Your Shower Drain From Getting Clogged With Hair

11 September 2015
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Like many people, you might find that hair gets caught in your shower drain all the time. This can be a particularly serious problem if you have long, thick hair. Not only does it look gross to have an accumulation of hair in your shower drain, but it can also cause serious plumbing clogs. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can prevent these clogs from happening.

1. Brush Your Hair Before You Shower

Many people like to brush or comb their hair while they are in the shower or after they get out. However, it is a good idea to brush your hair outside of the shower before you hop in. This will help get rid of loose hair before it can get clogged in your shower drain. Plus, it's better for your hair to brush it when it is dry rather than when it is wet, since wet hair is more prone to breakage.

2. Install a Drain Cover

If you don't have a drain cover in place on top of your shower drain, you are missing out on an opportunity to prevent hair clogs. Basically, a drain cover has smaller holes than a shower drain and is designed to catch things before they fall in. Along with catching your hair before it can clog your shower drain, a drain cover is also great for catching other small items. You can purchase one of these drain covers at any mass market retail store or at a home improvement store.

3. Clean Your Drain Regularly

No matter how hard you try, some strands of hair are bound to make their way into your shower drain. Small clumps of hair -- as well as other sources of clogs, such as soap scum -- can cause even bigger clogs because things that would otherwise wash down the drain can get tangled up with them. This is why it's important to clean your drain regularly to get rid of even the smallest of clogs.

You can do this yourself with a homemade, do-it-yourself drain cleaner. You probably have the ingredients on hand in your home, since all you need is baking soda and any type of vinegar. Just toss a little bit of baking soda in and around the drain, then pour in a cupful or so of vinegar on top of the baking soda.

It's also smart to talk with a drain cleaning company, like A Absolute Plumbing & Heating, if at any time you think there might be a clog--even if it's minor. Having your drains cleaned regularly now can help you avoid major plumbing issues later.