Solar Well Pumps: An Examination Of Obvious Benefits In Agricultural Settings

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Solar Well Pumps: An Examination Of Obvious Benefits In Agricultural Settings

11 January 2016
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Whether you are the owner and operator of a massive agricultural business or a small hobby farm, having access to your own well to keep the farm supplied with water is a logical benefit to take advantage of. Owning your own water well will help cut the costs of your business by offering you the water that you need for daily operations from feeding livestock to keeping crops hydrated. If you want to make your water well even more beneficial and economically efficient, installing a solar well pump to reap water from the well on your agricultural property is a great idea. There are at least three reasons why this is the case. 

Avoid making costly investments in accessing local electrical power sources. 

When you have a well that naturally provides you with water that is freely available, there is no reason to have to rely on the public resources at all in the water harvesting process. If you have a solar well pump in place, you will never have to pay to have power lines routed to an off-the-grid property or a property that is a little farther out of the way than most. This opens up a new sense of freedom with your property because you can move outward as far as you like without the concern of electricity not being available. 

Eliminate costly electricity charges with a solar powered well pump. 

The average cost for electricity currently is about 11 cents per kilowatt-hour. Even though this doesn't sound like a great deal, if you think about how much the pump you have on your property will have to run in order to keep holding tanks filled, the costs can add up quickly. When you also add in the fact that you are likely using a pump that is a higher horsepower to keep an adequate water supply, you can easily eliminate this extra expense from your agricultural business budget by switching from an electric-powered well pump to a solar unit instead. 

Make an investment in a pump that can expand easily with your growing business. 

If there is one thing that is always a constant in the farming business, it is that the size and demands of the farm are always going to change, fluctuate, and even decrease. Electric well pumps are not as diverse as solar pumps can be. Most solar well pumps are actually modular in their engineering so that they can easily be upgraded with changing demands of the owner. 

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