Why You Need To Support Road Repair

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Why You Need To Support Road Repair

8 March 2016
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Usually, people do not want to pay taxes or support expensive government projects, whether on the local, state, or federal level. But in the case of road repair, you may be costing yourself more money by not supporting these projects. Good roads are in your best interest.

National Figures

According to experts, it will take approximately one trillion dollars to get the nation's roads properly repaired. That figure is so enormous that you may not be able to consider how it applies to your own life. Consider then the cost of bad roads to you individually. Different groups put the figure anywhere from $324 to $516 annually. Those bumps, cracks, and potholes take a toll on your vehicles and frequently send you to the mechanic. Over the last five years, potholes alone cost US drivers $15 billion, a breathtaking sum. When you think about how much money comes directly out of your wallet due to bad roads, you should realize that supporting federal, state, and local funding for infrastructure improvement is actually a money-saver for you.  


Rough roads cause some very specific and costly problems with your vehicles. For instance, huge potholes often harm your car's steering and suspension. Your shocks may be damaged and need to be replaced sooner than they should. In addition, your car can go out of alignment, making it difficult to keep it between the lines when you are on the road. In extreme instances, bad roads can cause vehicle accidents by "throwing" your car off to the side or across the centerline. 


Raising money for improved infrastructure is never easy, and some places have turned to tolls to keep their roads in good repair. Of course, this solution is controversial as is increasing the gas tax or raising other taxes to cover road repair and construction. Still, paying these tolls and taxes might well be cheaper than paying for your vehicle's frequent repairs. 

The United State's crumbling infrastructure is more than just a national problem. It costs you money every single year in car maintenance and repair. You may not feel that you can afford to chip in any money toward the nation's roads, but you really can't afford the damage these poor roads are doing to your vehicles. In addition to saving you money, good roads will also improve your life by making it easier to commute to work or travel across the nation. Investing in our roads will definitely benefit you personally. Look over at this website for more information.