Custom Wrought Iron Gate Rusted? How To Get It Looking New Again

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Custom Wrought Iron Gate Rusted? How To Get It Looking New Again

12 July 2016
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Custom wrought iron driveway gates give your home privacy and also security. If you have had your gate for some time and it has started to rust, follow the tips below to see if you can get the gate looking brand new again.

Remove the Rust

Before you do anything, you have to get the rust off the gate. You can do this easily by using a steel brush. Simply scrub the gate with the brush with heavy force until the rust is completely gone. Don't worry about scratching the gate, as the steps below will take them out.

Smooth the Surface

The surface of the rusted area has to be smooth before you start painting the gate. You can smooth it out using sandpaper. Anything around 60 to 80 grit will work fine to smooth everything out. Rub the sandpaper over the area in a back and forward motion. Run your hands over the area when you are finished to see if it feels completely smooth. If it does not, then sand it again until it is.

When you are finished, use a damp rag to wipe over the area to remove very small rust pieces that may be left behind. Use a dry cloth to completely dry the gate.

Apply Some Primer

Before you start painting the gate, you need to first apply a primer. Make sure the primer you purchase is alkyd-based, as this will work great on wrought iron. Follow the instructions carefully on the bottle of the primer. The easiest way to do this is to purchase a spray primer. Once you finish applying it, let it completely dry before you continue.

Paint the Wrought Iron Gate

Now that you have smoothed and primed the surface, you are ready to paint the gate. Purchase exterior metal paint that is the same color as your gate. A spray paint is the easiest way to do this. Apply one coat of paint and then let it completely dry. Once it is dry, then apply a second coat.

Take pictures of the gate before you purchase the paint, so the salesperson can help you choose the right color.  You may want to consider painting the entire gate, as the new painted area will likely stand out.

If you cannot get your gate looking new again, contact a custom gates company to install a brand new wrought iron gate for you.