Bow Vs. Bay Windows

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Bow Vs. Bay Windows

5 August 2016
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Bow and bay windows seem like very similar windows. However, they have characteristics that are different enough to where it can still be difficult to choose between one and another. They will both give you a much more unique and beautiful window than what you would have with a traditional window, but there are some differences in how they look and how they are designed.

The Design Of Each Window

The bay window has three windows. There is one picture window and two smaller windows on each side. Bow windows, on the other hand, are curved structures that consist of four or five windows. The window that is the best option is based on what you prefer and also based on the type of home you have. For instance, bay windows are better-suited for modern homes, while bow windows are better-suited for Victorian homes. However, there are some manufacturers who create bow windows that are designed to look great with modern homes.

Wrapping Around Corners And Tight Spots

One of the advantages of bow windows is that they have extra girth that allows for them to wrap around the edge of buildings and around corners. However, the bow windows might not fit in tighter spots where a bay window might be a better option. 


The bay windows are much more versatile and can be fitted to the side of a building. Bow windows, on the other hand, need special structures made from hardwood to allow for the window to be installed on the building. Bow windows are much more labor-intensive to install, so they are more than twice the cost of bay windows.

Both Are Fixed

Both windows are excellent additions to add to the home. They are large and will allow a large amount of light into the home, especially bow windows. However, they are fixed structures, so if you need a window that can open, you may need to consult with a window installation specialist to learn about your options. It is also sometimes possible to custom-fabricate a bow or bay window so that it can be opened.

Added Space And An Extended View

Because the bay window protrudes beyond the wall, the window can provide more space for sitting and may even provide additional space for seating. If you have a beautiful view, you'll love the extended view of the bay window. However, bow windows might be modified to also provide additional space.

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