3 Maintenance Tips To Care For Outdoor Cedar And Preserve Its Natural Luster And Look

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3 Maintenance Tips To Care For Outdoor Cedar And Preserve Its Natural Luster And Look

5 October 2016
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Cedar is one of the most affordable and attractive natural woods that you can use outdoors. It is resistant to rot and decay and can last for many years. It does require a minimal amount of maintenance and care if you want it to keep its natural luster for a long time. You may want to do things like apply a coat of wax and clean the lumber on woods and other cedar objects outdoors. Here are a few simple maintenance tips that will ensure your cedar lasts for many more years with that natural luster:

1. Oil And Waxing The Wood Rather Than Using Popular Sealants

For many outdoor features, you may apply a stain and sealant product on them to protect the wood. If you want to have cedar with more of a natural look, use alternatives like natural oils and waxes without stains in them. Some of these may slightly turn the wood to a darker color, but for the most part they will preserve the natural look. You do not want to leave the wood untreated, because this can lead to bleaching in sunlight and faster weathering of the wood.

2. Keeping Dirt Off The Base Of The Wood Using Improved Landscape Design

It is also important to keep the dirt out of the wood. This is something that is particularly a problem at the bottom of the wood structure where dirt may splash up on it. To prevent this problem, do landscaping features like gravel at the bottom of the cedar landscaping features. This will help to keep the wood clean and prevent it from aging faster due to dirt being splashed up on it.

3. Regular Cleaning And Pressure Washing To Keep Dirt Out Of The Wood Grain

Regular cleaning and pressure washing is also important to prevent weathering of your wood. This can be done to get the dirt out of the grains that can sometimes be deeply embedded. Lightly clean your cedar lumber a few times a year to keep dirt and debris at bay. To avoid excessive wear, only pressure wash every few years. In addition, use just enough water pressure to remove dirt and to not damage or mar the wood when cleaning.

With a minimal amount of care, your outdoor cedar projects can look like they did the first day they were built. If you need help with repairs and installation of features like fencing, contact a cedar deck contractor, such as Reeves Exterior Services, and talk with them about some of the additional outdoor features they can help add to your landscaping with cedar lumber.