Dealing with an Air Conditioning Unit That Doesn't Emit Cool Air

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Dealing with an Air Conditioning Unit That Doesn't Emit Cool Air

24 October 2016
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If you have an air conditioning unit in your bedroom to keep you cool during warmer months of the year, and you had noticed that you need to sleep on top of your covers because it isn't adequately cooling your room as you would like, you will most likely want to take steps to fix this problem. An air conditioner that does not emit cold air can be plagued by a variety of problems. Here are some tips you can use to find out the source of the problem so you can repair the unit properly.

Look for Simple Fixes First

Before you attempt to pull your air conditioner apart to look for the reason for its inadequate cooling properties, check a few areas where a simple fix would get the unit back up to par. If you have a no-power condition, make sure the circuit breaker was not tripped or that the plug was not removed from the electrical outlet. If you have pets, check that the wires are intact and not chewed and frayed. For a low cooling output, the thermostat temperature should be investigated to ensure the setting was not changed. 

Check for Debris Accumulation

It is important to clean or swap out your air filter with a new one if your unit is used on a regular basis. If the air filter becomes encrusted with debris, it will be more difficult for air to pass through the unit to the interior of your bedroom. Check the filter each week to make sure it looks clean. When it gets dusty in appearance, remove it and, depending on the style used, either rinse it under a sink faucet with warm water or purchase a new one to slide into the slot where it was located. This will improve the efficiency of your unit instantly.

It is also important to clean your air conditioner's coils. These are located on the exterior side of the unit. Simply remove the cover and use a vacuum cleaner brush attachment to remove grime. This should be done after the air conditioner is unplugged from the outlet.

Evaluate Your Room's Interior

Your air conditioner may not be working adequately because it is not powerful enough for the amount of space you are trying to cool. Contact an air conditioner specialist and have them do an evaluation of the unit and the size of your bedroom to find out if you are in need of an upgraded unit to cool the area effectively. If you have items obstructing the path of the unit, such as a tall dresser, the airflow will not be directed into the main portion of the room. Draperies and curtains should not be used on the window with the unit, as this will result in an interrupted airflow path.

If you've completed the above steps and find that your air conditioner still isn't working as it should, contact a company like Kohl Heating & Air Conditioning for more assistance.