Tips For Maintaining Your Oven

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Tips For Maintaining Your Oven

5 December 2016
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You likely rely on your oven for many of your meals. It is difficult to cook or bake without a functioning oven, so you likely want to make sure that your oven has as little downtime as possible due to repairs needing to be made. Here are some tips for maintaining your oven in order to make sure that it is functioning as well as possible.

1. Check for Escaping Hot Air from Your Oven

Before you take anything out of the oven, take a moment to move your hand around the oven without actually touching it. This will allow you to sense whether there is any hot air escaping from the oven. If you don't sense anything, you are good to go. If you can tell that there is hot air escaping from the oven, then this means that the gaskets around the oven door that are maintaining the seal are likely torn or broken. Have a repair professional come in to fix or replace the torn gaskets as soon as possible in order to make sure that the situation doesn't get worse, to keep everyone around the oven safe, and to reduce the amount of energy that is going to waste as heated air that escapes the oven.

2. Use a Port Plug

If you have a light in your oven and often use your oven at a very high temperature, you will need to protect the light itself from being degraded due to heat. You can do this by installing a port plug, which will be able to cope with heat a lot more efficiently without temperature being lost from the oven. A normal light socket usually operates at a temperature that is less than the temperature that the oven may be operating at. A port plug will equalize the temperatures and stop the heat loss. Make sure that you check your port plug every so often in order to make sure that it is not cracked. If it is cracked, you will need to replace it.

3. Clean It Regularly

If you have burnt food and other debris covering the heating elements, your oven might not be operating at its peak capacity, which can result in damage and wasted money spent on energy. By cleaning the oven regularly using the self-cleaning tool or by wiping down the cool heating coils, you will be able to reduce this issue.

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