Transforming Your Deck Into A Sunroom: Four Room Ideas

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Transforming Your Deck Into A Sunroom: Four Room Ideas

3 January 2017
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If your home has a deck that doesn't get enough year-round use, you may want to consider transforming that outdoor space into a sunroom. The additional space can provide more opportunities for year-round use and expand the available square footage of your home. Here are just a few fun uses to consider for your new sunroom.

Children's Play Room

Get rid of the toy clutter in your children's rooms and give them a dedicated place to play by using your sunroom as a play room. The windows allow plenty of natural sunlight in during the day, so your children can enjoy sunshine even on days that are too cold to play outside. Consider using colorful rubber floor mat tiles to cushion the floor for safe playtime adventures, and add short bookshelves with fabric bins to organize toys. You can build a window seat under some of the windows to create a cozy reading nook for older children as a fun finishing touch.

Home Gym

Let the morning sunrise inspire you to start each day with an energetic workout when you use your sunroom as a home gym. Add a few pieces of workout equipment to one corner of the room, and use a few exercise mats in the middle to create a space for doing yoga or Pilates. You may even want to consider adding an indoor lap pool if you prefer a low-impact water workout, or add a hot tub for relaxing after your workout sessions.

Casual Family Room

A sunroom can make a great casual family room space you can use to spend time with your loved ones. Reserve your traditional living room for a more formal space, and fill the sunroom with overstuffed sofas and armchairs along with plenty of fluffy throw pillows. This can be a great space for gathering to watch movies as a family or just unwinding together on the weekends. Take advantage of the sunlight and add indoor plants and trees to give the room an outdoor feel indoors.

Sunny Dining Room

Whether your home lacks a formal dining room or you simply want to use your existing dining room for a different purpose, your sunroom can offer a great space for a sunny dining room. Place a long formal dining room at the center of the room, and consider using a mix of chairs and benches to create a unique seating arrangement. Add a sideboard for serving along one wall, and make the space feel a bit more cozy by adding a love seat and side tables next to one section of windows. For a beautiful finishing touch, add a few smaller chandeliers in a row over the dining room table. This will help to illuminate the room at night for dinner parties.

Talk to your contractor about how you want to use the sun room, and work together to create a plan to transform your deck into a stunning new room addition for your home. For more information concerning your faceted deck, contact businesses such as Stritar Construction.