Answering A Few Heat Pump Questions For Homeowners

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Answering A Few Heat Pump Questions For Homeowners

6 December 2017
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Homeowners will have an assortment of options that can be used for providing the house with heat. When it comes time for you to upgrade your heating system, it can be beneficial to learn more about the viability of using a ductless heat pump system for this need.

How Will A Ductless Heat Pump Distribute The Warm Air?

One of the key benefits of using a ductless heat pump system is that these devices can be installed in very small areas. While this benefit will largely be due to the fact that these systems will not need traditional ducting, it can be easy to assume that the lack of ducting will inhibit these systems from working. To transport this warmed air, these pumps will use a series of thin tubing that will run from the unit to the room. While these tubes may be smaller than traditional ducting, it can still be more than sufficient to transport the warmed air throughout your home.

Will A Heat Pump System Require A Backup Source Of Heat?

While a heat pump can be very effective at warming your house during times when the temperature is cool to mildly cold, these systems may struggle to generate enough heat during times when the temperature is particularly cold. If you want to avoid situations where you are unable to sufficiently warm your house, you should have a secondary heating system installed in your home. These backup systems can provide enough heat to keep your home warm during these periods of extremely low temperatures.

Is It Possible To Use These Systems To Cool The Home During The Spring And Summer Months?

Due to the name, homeowners will often assume that these pumps can only be used to warm the house. However, it should be noted that a heat pump is designed to move heat rather than generating it. This can have the benefit of allowing you to reverse these systems during the hotter times of the year so that you can keep your home cool and comfortable. The exact cooling capacity of these systems will vary due to the size and strength of the heat pump system. For those with smaller systems or that live in areas that will regularly experience intense heat, it may be wise to purchase window cooling units that can be used to cool the interior of the home during the days when the temperature gets hot enough to overwhelm the heat pump system.

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