3 Reasons To Have That Old Tree In Your Yard Removed By A Tree Specialist

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3 Reasons To Have That Old Tree In Your Yard Removed By A Tree Specialist

4 May 2018
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Thinking about removing that old tree in your yard by yourself? It might be worth your while to consider having a professional do it for you instead. Here are a few good reasons to hire a tree specialist.

1. They'll Inspect the Other Trees

An experienced tree specialist has the knowledge necessary to identify even small health problems in trees, and they'll use that knowledge to ensure that other trees in your yard aren't also in need of attention when they show up to remove the old tree you no longer want. If any problems are spotted on another tree, you can decide whether to get rid of it right away or treat it and wait to see how its health develops. 

Whether you decide to remove or treat any trees with problems, your service provider should be able to accommodate your wishes. In the end, a tree specialist will ensure that you aren't left with any tree problems that will likely have to be dealt with in the future when they come to remove the old tree you no longer want.

2. They Know How to Minimize Danger

Tree specialists are well trained to avoid danger on the job site, and they tend to have plenty of hands-on experience when it comes to keeping people and property safe during the tree removal process. So, you don't have to worry about a large tree trunk falling off and injuring someone or hitting the roof of your garage or home during the tree removal process. You don't have to wonder if the safety straps have been properly secured before cutting of the tree commences. You can sit back and let your service provider worry about all the details and do all the legwork for you. And even though the chance is pretty small, if something were to go wrong you can rest assured that your service provider is fully licensed and insured.

3. They Can Get Rid of the Whole Trunk For You

After cutting down the tree, the trunk has to be removed from the ground and disposed of in some way unless you want it to continue sticking out of the ground forever. Tree trunks that aren't removed from the ground can be dangerous for kids and pets who play around them, so it's a good idea to get rid of the trunk at the same time as you get rid of the tree itself. 

Your tree specialist will have the tools necessary to completely remove the tree trunk from the ground and get rid of it altogether. It doesn't have to sit in your yard and decompose as time goes on. Your service provider will either haul it away or mulch it onsite so you can use the mulch for gardening and landscaping.

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