When my husband and I purchased our first home, the process was stressful, but we settled on one we liked enough to live in temporarily until we expanded our family. When moving time arrived, we both dreaded the expected stress. We ended up using a different real estate agent than we did the first time, and we made a great decision, because she had a lot of home remodeling knowledge! We were adamant on finally finding our "perfect" home this time. When she showed us homes that lacked features we desired that we would have "nixed" before, she let us know if the feature could be added, and usually it could! We are now in our new home that we had a few small renovations performed on after we bought it, and we love it! I want to help others by sharing some remodeling tips I learned on a blog!

Troubleshooting Common Furnace Problems

4 February 2015
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There are few things in this world that are worse than waking up on a cold winter morning to find that your furnace is not working properly, or worse yet, not working at all. While your first instinct may be to pick up the phone and call your HVAC contractor, you should know that professional intervention may not be necessary. This is because many of the most common furnace problems can be fixed with just a few minutes of troubleshooting. Read More …

4 Things To Know About Restoring Your Basement’s Water Damage

29 January 2015
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If your basement becomes flooded, there is a lot of work to do while restoring it. You will want to remove damaged materials, treat for mold and mildew and rebuild your basement. Even if your basement is not finished, some of these things will still need to be done. If your basement has recently been flooded, here are four things you will want to know about water damage restoration: 1. Addressing The Problem That Caused The Flooding Read More …

Tips For Maintaining Your Concrete Driveway

27 January 2015
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Having a concrete driveway can be a great addition to your home. Not only is a concrete driveway pleasing to the eye, they are easy to maintain, and they will last for many, many years. They are quite an investment, but once you've poured the driveway, as long as you properly maintain it, you'll be enjoying your concrete driveway for many years to come. This article will give you a brief overview on some care and maintenance tips to ensure your concrete driveway lasts. Read More …

7 Features To Consider When Purchasing New Windows

20 January 2015
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Purchasing new windows for your home can often be an overwhelming experience, as you are presented with information about windows that you have never heard of before. In order to simplify the decision making process, make sure to purchase a window that has these features. 1. Energy Star Certified The EPA's Energy Start rating is only given to a window if it meets their high standards for energy efficiency. If the window you want has an Energy Star certification, you know it will do a great job at keeping your home well insulated. Read More …

Vines And Chain Link Fences: Some Tips

19 January 2015
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If you're adding residential or commercial chain link fencing and are thinking of placing vines along the fence to provide some privacy, you're likely to have success -- there are many vines that grow quite well along trellises, chain link fences, and other supports that have thin wires. But you can't just throw some seeds at the base of the fence and leave them alone. You have to guide the vines onto the fence and ensure they spread out in the directions you need them to. Read More …